Oodles Terms of Service

Version: 1.1
Date: 12 April 2017

By logging into the Oodles charity credits mobile application, you agree to be bound by the Oodles Terms of Service.

The Oodles Terms of Service may be changed at any time, it is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that you understand and adhere to the latest version of these terms.

About the Service

The oodles charity credits applications and associated merchandise offers a service to charities that are registered with The Charities Commission in England and Wales, for processing micro-donations in the form of oodles charity credits. Charity credits can be obtained through oodles merchandise or purchased through the application directly.

Each charity credit is purchased for 1p, once allocated to a charity it is worth 0.95p. The remaining 0.05p is retained as a 5% processing fee by Oodles App Ltd to fund further development of the oodles platform and service. Oodles is a non-profit company therefore all revenue is retained within the business or donated to charity.

Oodles charity credits are granted to charities on a monthly cycle. At the end of each month, the number of credits granted to each charity is totalled and the charity payed the monetary equivalent. At the start of the next month, the credit balance of all charities is reset to zero.

Each charity registered with oodles has a charity profile where they can provide information about the good work that they do as well as a monthly project that they are currently focussed on.

Each user registered with oodles has a user profile showing their favourite charities, most recent grants, and the achievements that they have unlocked. User achievements are unlocked through continued donations, posting on social media, and special actions within the app.

About the Charities

Only charities that are registered with The Charities Commission in England or Wales can fundraise through oodles. Every charity hosted on the oodles platform has been verified against the Charity Commission’s database and has entered into a contractual agreement providing express permission for Oodles App Ltd to fundraise on their behalf. Although each charity has been verified, oodles takes no responsibility for their actions, and reserves the right to terminate the contract at any point for any reason.

Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with any purchase of oodles merchandise you can return it in the same condition that it arrived in and receive a full refund of the purchase amount. Where an item has been opened, worn or the oodles credit code redeemed, a partial refund of the cost of the merchandise is still available for 30 days after purchase, should you be unsatisfied with the product or service in any way. Retail Partners are not able to process refunds, if a refund is required, please return your oodles merchandise item via post, along with a note describing the reason for the return and your contact details (to arrange a refund) to:

Oodles App Ltd, 73 Farndale Dr, Loughborough, Leics, LE11 2RG, UK

Purchases of oodles charity credits through the oodles app are not subject to the same return policy as physical oodles merchandise and transactions are considered final unless the transaction is a result of unauthorised use of payment method. If a transaction is fraudulent it is your responsibility to contact the payment authorisation provider for assistance. Where fraudulent activity is highlighted to oodles within 30 days of the transaction, a full refund shall be provided.

Account Security

Oodles uses delegated security through Facebook login and secure web tokens. Your Facebook username or password are never transmitted to oodles servers and are not stored locally on your device or on oodles infrastructure. If you think that your Facebook username and password has been compromised change it immediately and/or contact Facebook.

All transmissions between the oodles charity credits application and the oodles servers are encrypted using HTTPS and authority signed SSL certificates.


There is no paid for advertising on the oodles website, oodles blog, oodles charity credits applications or oodles merchandise. Any mention of featured charities, retail partners, technology partners, or any other organisations is for informative purposes only or the honest opinion of oodles.

Each oodles partner is evaluated based on our core principles of ethical and responsible trading. Where any evidence arises to the contrary, business with that partner will cease immediately.

Personal Information & Privacy

Oodles does not share or sell personal information on donors to any third party other than industry regulators required for processing GiftAid or required by law. Personal information is deemed as anything that can identify an individual.

The Oodles App Ltd Privacy Policy forms part of the Ooldes Terms of Service, by agreeing to these Terms of Service you are also agreeing to the privacy policy.

Expected and Allowable Use

Users must always use the Oodles services in good faith. The service must be used in a legal manner, without causing offence.

Users must not:

  • Misrepresent themselves;
  • Send spam or junk;
  • Disclose commercially or personally confidential information;
  • Share or publish access to their account;
  • Provide obscene, inflammatory, misleading, or offensive content in any form;
  • Violate any Intellectual Property Rights or Copyrights;
  • Remove or attempt to remove anything on the oodles service;
  • Change or attempt to change anything on the oodles service;
  • Access or attempt to access private information on the oodles service;
  • Access or attempt to access the underlying infrastructure of the oodles service;
  • Interfere with or disrupt the service in any way.

Intellectual Property

Oodles App Ltd retains all intellectual property rights for the oodles charity credits applications. Any attempt to de-compile, de-obfuscate, reverse engineer, duplicate, alter, or access the application or server source code is strictly forbidden.

All content hosted on the oodles service is owned by Oodles App Ltd, our registered charities, or our partners. You may not copy for personal or commercial purposes, any content or resources from the oodles service, nor may you use any tool, program, or technique to gather data from the oodles service.

Gift Aid

Charities may authorise Oodles App Ltd to act as a GiftAid Agent on their behalf. If this agreement is in place, donations from users that have completed a GiftAid declaration and have an associated GiftAid/Tax address will be submitted as part of a GiftAid claim to Charities Online. This allows Oodles App Ltd to collect Gift Aid for the charity. Every penny of the GiftAid claimed will be given to the charity, Oodles App Ltd does not charge any additional fees on GiftAid.


You can cease use of the oodles service at any time. Your oodles account will remain active and linked to your Facebook account unless you Delete your oodles account through the Profile page of the application. Once deleted you will no longer be visible to Facebook friends on the oodles charity credits app. Oodles will keep a record of your membership for 7 years in accordance with financial reporting regulation, after which time any data will be securely destroyed.

Oodles App Ltd reserves the right to withhold the use of the oodles service at any time and for any reason, with or without notice.

Limitation of Liability

Nothing in these Terms of Service shall act to exclude or limit Oodles App Ltd’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence, fraud, or any other liability which may not be excluded or limited by law.

Oodles App Ltd shall not be liable for:

  • Any losses due to Force Majeure;
  • Any loss of profits or anticipated savings;
  • Any loss of revenue or income;
  • Any loss of business, contracts, or opportunities;
  • Any loss or corruption of data or content;
  • Any special, indirect, or consequential loss or damage of any kind.

Although every effort is taken to maintain the oodles service and ensure high availability, Oodles App Ltd makes no guarantees as to uptime or continuity. The service may at times require offline maintenance activities, where possible users will be warned of this activity via the Oodles App Ltd website.