Oodles Privacy Policy

Version: 1.1
Date: 12 April 2017

Through providing the oodles service to our registered charities and users we process personal information. This Oodles App Ltd Privacy Policy details how that information is processed. By logging in to the oodles charity credits application you are agreeing to the Oodles App Ltd End User Terms of Service and the Oodles App Ltd Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy may be changed at any time, it is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that you understand and agree to the latest version.

Personal Data

By logging in to the oodles charity credits mobile app using your Facebook credentials, you are permitting access to the personal information that Facebook holds. The authorisation rights requested from Facebook by the oodles charity credits app are:

  • Email – access to the email address registered with Facebook (if one exists)
  • Public Profile – the information that you have set as open to the general public. This may include things like your age, employment, relationship status, locale, education, interests, etc. This information can be restricted by altering your Facebook privacy settings
  • User Friends – access to a list of your Facebook friends that are also using the oodles charity credits app. Oodles does not have access to friends not using the oodles app

Personal data is also collected through the use of the oodles charity credits app, this includes:

  • Email address(es)
  • Postal address(es)
  • IP address(es)
  • Location data
  • Device data
  • Charities supported
  • Donation History
  • Purchase history

How Your Information is Used

Personal information is used for the following core activities:

  • To associate your oodles credits from an offline purchase.
  • To grant oodles credits to the charities you wish to support.
  • To claim Gift Aid on the donations you make.
  • To record your progress towards oodles achievements.
  • To make it easier for you to find the charities you wish to support.
  • To provide you with information from charities that you have previously supported.
  • To allow you to share your grants and achievements on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Providing charities and industry bodies with anonymised demographic data.
  • Improving the services we offer.

Your personal information will not be:

  • Released to any third party unless required by law or to process GiftAid.
  • Sold to anyone under any circumstances.
  • Provided to the charities that you support.

Communication from or via Oodles App Ltd

Oodles may contact you via email for the following purposes:

  • To provide transaction receipts for purchases made within the oodles charity credits app.
  • To provide delivery information on purchases of oodles merchandise
  • To notify you of the monthly featured charities in your area
  • To request feedback on the services Oodles App Ltd offers
  • To notify you of new events, products, or services
  • To keep you up to date with the charities that you have previously supported

Email notifications will always be sent with an unsubscribe option so that you can opt out of receiving them in the future.

Oodles may contact you via instant push message for the following purposes:

  • To notify you of achievements you have unlocked
  • To remind you of your oodles charity credits balance
  • To notify you of the monthly featured charities in your area
  • To send thank you messages from the charities that you have supported
  • To send thank updates from the charities that you have supported
  • To send ad-hoc notifications and promotions

Push notifications can be turned off from your mobile device settings.

Information Security

Significant efforts are made to ensure that the information we hold is kept safely and securely. These include:

  • Encrypting all traffic using HTTPS and authority signed SSL certificates
  • Delegating log in credentials to Facebook
  • Using secure web access tokens
  • Using latest web technologies
  • Continuously implementing security updates
  • Utilising industry standard payment gateways

Despite all efforts, Oodles App Ltd cannot guarantee 100 security and are not held responsible for unauthorised access due to malicious attacks.

Complaints & Contact

You are entitled to request a copy of your personal information from Oodles App Ltd. You can also request that Oodles App Ltd stop processing your information. For all requests and complaints, please email contact@oodles-app.com. Alternatively, please write to:

Oodles App Ltd
73 Farndale Dr
LE11 2RG