Oodles Retail Partners

Oodles relies on retail partners to distribute Oodles Charity Bracelets. This allows those that don't have access to a Paypal account to join the oodles community and feel great for supporting local charities. There's some great ethical and financial reasons to become an Oodles Retail Partner...

Be Part of The Community

Much like charities, local retailers rely on their local community to survive and thrive. Becoming an oodles retailer is a great way to show your business' thanks and support for local people.

Here at oodles we believe that social responsibility is key to making a business sustainable, and so we take it very seriously. We will only partner with responsible retailers that do business ethically. Therefore becoming an oodles partner shows your customers can trust they're engaging with the right company.

Earn 25p for Each Sale

We trust our partners, stock is not purchased by retailers, it is provided in advance by oodles and the money collected once it has been sold. So there is no risk of our partners being out of pocket.

We know there are significant costs involved in running a retail business, so 25 pence of every oodles sale is kept by the retailer. This is covered by the £1 manufacturing and distribution cost, it is not taken from the £1 charity donation.

Drive Customers To Your Location

As an oodles retail partner, your business will be listed on the oodles website and charity credits mobile application. As the platform grows and the number of new members increases, this will increase local awareness of for your business and drive more foot traffic to your location.

You will also receive invitations to attend oodles events and awards to promote your business.

Become an Oodles Retail Partner

Main retail location if multiple

Why We Use Retail Partners

Not everyone has a paypal account

We want the oodles community to be open to everyone. Whilst Paypal is totally safe and a great tool to process payments online, some people prefer to use physical cash.

Reaching out to people

The internet is a huge place! And the aim of oodles is to support local communities. So using local stockists is a great way to spread the word about the oodles revolution. And if we can support local businesses too, then even better!

No Postage and Packing

When you purchase an oodles charity charm bracelet online, you will need to pay for postage and Paypal fees. Buying from a retailer means you save money and get it straight away!


There is no cost to the retailer to start stocking oodles merchandise. Stock is provided to the retailer and payment collected at the end of the month or when the stock runs out.
So there is no risk for the retailer.
Payment for oodles merchandise can be accepted via cash or credit/debit card (through existing retailer systems).
If cash payment is accepted, the retailer is required to ensure the safe and separate holding of this cash until collection.
If the retailer is to use their existing systems to process credit/debit card payments, the retailer must not apply additional processing fees.
Any incurred cost is covered by the 25p retailer contribution.
There is no need for a buy back agreement as the retailer does not pay for stock.
Retailers are free to stop selling oodles merchandise at any time. Any remaining stock must be returned to oodles.
Oodles app LTD has comprehensive liability cover. However we ask that retail partners act responsibly, ethically, and in line with the best interests of oodles and the charities we support.
Although oodles does not hold retailers accountable for product or cash losses due to theft or accidental damage, we do ask that retailers make every reasonable effort to ensure a high level of security.
VAT on oodles merchandise is included in the price and managed entirely by oodles app LTD.
VAT is payable on the product cost charged to the customer (£1), but not on the charitable donation included in the sale (£1).
As retail partners are selling on behalf of oodles, rather than re-selling items that they have purchased, direct revenue from oodles merchandise should not be included in tax returns.
The 25p retailer contribution paid by oodles should be included as a revenue on tax returns. It is a fixed amount, if the retailer is VAT registered, this amount is inclusive of VAT.