University of West England (UWE) working with oodles



Oodles is proud to announce that it is working with the University of West England!

The Community Action and Knowledge Exchange (CAKE) initiative is a community engagement project run by the University of West England (UWE). It forms a key part of the Information Technology Management for Business bachelors degree course. The primary objective is for university students to make a difference in community settings whilst enhancing their knowledge and skills through meaningful, relevant community action. The project involves allocating a team of third and fourth year students to a charity or non-profit organisation to provide consultancy and technical assistance. The university students gain a valuable understanding of real world applications of IT as well as experience in dealing with customers, stakeholders, and user requirements. This experience is measured and assessed, and contributes to the students’ final degree grade.


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A key part of the program is that UWE students are allowed to choose which organisations they want to work with. And so after being approved by the course professors, along with 10 other potentials, oodles pitched to 8 groups of students to try and find a match. So many good causes competing for a limited number of student groups was a tense process, but oodles found a fantastic group of talented and highly motivated young professionals, ready and willing to help bring the oodles project to life.

And finally, here they are, the Envision team!


Jamie Steele

Since leaving A-levels I had an idea that I wanted to enter a career revolving around IT and Business. My university course and work placement at TJXE as a project analyst has confirmed this where I built review templates, kick off documents, all the way up to delivering my own project. For the future, I would like to see myself completing a graduate scheme which shows me a variety of career options in IT and Business and finally choosing a job which suits me best.

Perry May

From an early age I was hooked on how data could be analysed and transformed into useful information. I am also an avid user of photoshop and thoroughly enjoy the design and user experience aspect of IT. Currently, I am working part-time for Leidos Europe as a Business Systems Analyst. I have a keen interest in IT and definitely see myself working in this industry in the future.

Edward Beeching

I’m hugely passionate about technology and design, and how both can be used to create better user experiences. Through work and education, I’ve built websites from the ground up, created and published content to websites around the world, and helped to launch an industry-first mobile application. In the future, I’d like to work within a digital or e-commerce role, with direct impact on products and services used by consumers.

Dean Hollick

I have had an interest in IT from a very young age, using the family computer from the age of 6. From there I have self-taught myself and have become very adept at performing various IT roles. I am also able to fix hardware and create computer systems. I have studied both these subjects since GCSE level. During my time at Sixth Form, I passed the European Computer Driving License (ECDL). My plan for the future is to be a network manager for an established business, whilst starting-up and running an e-commerce business on the side.

Cameron Dempster

Charismatic hardworking individual that has a proven track record in the achievement of meeting complex business requirements whilst maintaining core values of quality, delivery and cost. Successfully achieved deadline driven results. Works extremely well under pressure without constant direction. Extremely self-motivated individual who has experience in both micro and macro management. Demonstrated ability to achieve and deliver projects. Relishes new challenges and being put outside of my comfort zone. Very interested in emerging technology, photography and sports.