Oodles Charity Credits, Next Generation Fundraising

Oodles charity credits app is live, and with it comes a new generation of fundraising for local charities. Try out the android app or go to www.oodles.co.uk on your iPhone!

Oodles charity credits android play store

Download the oodles charity credits app on the android play store

Richard Spencer, Director of The Commission on the Donor Experience States that “Recent research has shown a dramatic and damaging reduction in public trust and confidence in charities following recent high-profile media exposures.” And that we need to….” encourage new opportunities and possibilities, helping to restore public trust, confidence and awareness of the joy of giving.

With the launch of the oodles charity credits app on Friday 24th March we can begin to see this new era of fundraising become a reality.

Oodles charity credits – Do Good, Feel Great

The current accepted means for generating income is for the charity to approach the individual, but oodles has turned that on it’s head. In the new oodles world, donors are inspired to seek out charities that personally appeal to them, based on their concerns, interests and ideals. This is a completely new approach to the charity sector. This is achieved by buying credits online or redeeming them from a merchandise purchase offline. Then allocating them to as many different charities as the donor wishes.

Oodles charity profile

Oodles charity profile

An oodles charity profile gives charitable organisations the opportunity to get their message across. Therefore telling people what they hope to achieve and receiving donations. What’s more, it does this all with the ethos that giving should be a joyful experience. There are hundreds of registered charities working in a multitude of different fields, yet most people only know the largest of them. Oodles opens the door for small local organisations to connect with a willing, generous new audience. It is moving away from aggressive or pushy techniques and instead inspiring people to create a life-long habit of giving.

Oodles User Profile

Oodles User Profile

The app aims to make every donor feel important and valued by involving them day to day. Subsequently producing a rewarding, life affirming joyful experience of doing good. The app also gives donors the opportunity to tell their friends, family and colleagues about their giving, via Facebook and Twitter, in a positive, non-boastful way. It is time we announced and celebrated our generous spirit as individuals, communities and as a nation.