No subscription, no sign-up, no problem!


Making donations fun and social to increase engagement.


Easy enough for the smallest charities to set up and maintain.


Giving local charities a level playing field with large nationals.

Engage the Millennial Generation

Targeted at younger generations, oodles engages a demographic that currently has the lowest levels of interaction with charities. Oodles fashion accessories are ethically and sustainably sourced and act to bond a socially responsible community of donors.

Oodles acts as an independent supplementary revenue stream for all charities, big or small. Based on a users location, the service provides a level playing field for local charities to compete with larger national organisations as well as allowing users to contribute to their immediate community.

Continuous Interaction & Income

In-app achievements give users targets to work towards. Doing good should feel great, earning rewards in the form of oodles achievement charms gives donors something to be proud of.

Gamification introduces an element of competition between friends. This increases the contribution of the individual as well as the uptake of new users.

Oodles is a micro-donation platform. Large numbers of small donations provide a steady, dependable income for the charity. Micro-donations from oodles are not conditional and can be used for general running costs of the charity, costs which are notoriously hard to fund.

Social Media

oodles wants to promote a socially responsible community that is proud of the support they provide to charities. Charity is no longer something to keep to yourself.

Rewarding users for posting their donations to Social Media spreads awareness for the charity. Endorsement from friends and family is the best way to find new donors and the most likely to result in further donations.

The end result is that the charity can spend less on advertising through traditional media channels and a higher proportion of donations will make it to the front line.


Please use email address from registered charity domain if possible.
Please use landline number registered to charity if possible.


Oodles uses a two stage donation process. A user purchases or earns oodles credits and can then grant those credits to their favourite charities. As well as reducing payment processing fees, this makes the process of supporting multiple charities much easier for the donor.
Location based browsing and charity suggestions promotes smaller local charities. Targeting donors in the charity’s area of operation greatly increases engagement.
Oodles makes the process of finding and donating to good causes fun and involved for the user rather than just a donate and forget transaction. Increasing buy in and user interaction means repeat donations are far more likely.
Charities registered with the Charities Commission in England and Wales can register for the oodles platform.
oodles is a free service to charities. There are no sign-up costs or monthly subscriptions. To build and maintain the oodles service, a processing fee of 5% shall be retained from every donation. Although we hope to reduce this as soon as possible through corporate sponsorship and advertising revenue.
oodles is a Not for Profit organisation. No dividends are paid to shareholders and all director salaries are made public. Trust in the service and the charities that we feature is paramount.
A processing fee of 5% is retained from each donation to pay for the continued development and maintenance of the oodles platform. Although we hope to reduce this as soon as possible through corporate sponsorship and advertising revenue.
oodles is a Not for Profit organisation. No dividends are paid to shareholders and all director salaries are made public. Trust in the service and the charities that we feature is paramount.
Featured charities appear on the oodles app home screen for one month, and so are seen by every user in the region. Each month there a number of featured charities in each region as well as featured national and overseas charities that are displayed in all regions.
Featured charities are selected by oodles. These could be charities that are new to the oodles platform, a new charity that has just started operations, an urgent appeal for disaster relief, or a charity that is currently under financial strain and needs additional assistance to continue doing their good work.
There are a limited number of places for featured charities, but if there is an immediate need, please use the contact form above and provide details in the message field (even if you are already registered).
Our aim at oodles is to encourage people that do not currently engage with charities to start donating, forming a socially responsible community by removing the barriers that currently stop individuals donating to charity:

  • There’s no monthly commitment
  • There’s no minimum donation
  • There is a single payment to support numerous charities
  • The process is fun and easy
  • There are rewards for donating

There are some great advantages of donating via oodles. Flexibility, ease of use, community, rewards, social sharing, to name just a few. But donating directly to a charity will always maximise the amount of a donation that makes it to the front line.

The donations made through oodles are eligible for GiftAid claims for charities that choose to nominate oodles app ltd as a gift aid agent. Declarations are taken from users on first login and claims are made automatically through Charities Online.
Each charity registered with oodles has a charity profile. The layout of the charity profile is fixed and content guidelines are provided for charities to make sure their profile looks great. This limited customisation ensures a consistent user experience and minimises the effort required to set up and maintain a charity profile.
Charities have the additional option to provide details of monthly campaigns. This lets users know exactly what they are raising funds for this month.
When oodles launches, charity profiles will be managed by an oodles representative. However a self-service portal is being developed so that charities can manage their own profile.
With brand and messaging approval in place, implementing a new charity profile takes a few minutes.
There are not currently any premium or paid for additional services available through the oodles app. Although in order to reduce the processing fee charged on donations, the possibility of introducing paid for services is being explored.
The oodles app is a companion service for oodles merchandising. Oodles charity charm bracelets are a great way of purchasing oodles credits and showing support for charities offline. As well as the Kit’n’Kaboodle starter kit, there are charms only available when the user has unlocked certain achievements.
oodles merchandising is a great way for smaller charities to raise funds without the administrative effort of designing, manufacturing, and distributing their own products. Oodles merchandising provides strict design guidelines for a charity to add their branding and messaging to an oodles charm or bracelet. All aspects of production and sale are then managed by oodles.
If you would like to take advantage of oodles merchandising or would like some more information please use the contact form above and add details in the message field.
oodles credits that have been granted to charities are counted, recorded and then reset at the start of each calendar month. Payments to charities are then made the following month.
For example, payment for oodles credits granted to a charity in January will be made on or near 1st March.
Any GiftAid claimed on donations will be payed to the charity in a second payment once the claim has been processed by Charities Online.
There are no financial commitments and no contract periods with oodles. So a charity can withdraw from the service at any time.
Charities are required to agree to the terms of service for the time that they wish to use the oodles platform.
Unlocking and understanding the insights that can be achieved through data is very important for the survival of the charity sector. That’s why oodles will publish anonymised data on user trends and activities for use by charities and the general public.
However privacy is also very important. Recent changes to fundraising guidelines have been in response to some organisations bombarding donors with communications. Therefore, beyond the information necessary to process gift aid, no personal contact information shall be provided to charities or anyone else.
Logon is exclusively via Facebook, no local username and password is stored so there is no worry of them being stolen.
Payment is exclusively via Paypal, no payment information is stored so there is no worry of it being stolen.
All data transmissions are encrypted via SSL/HTTPS.
No personal data is stored on the end user device.
Servers are vitualised and securely hosted for high availability and high levels of physical and logical security.
Oodles takes it’s responsibilities to protect donors very seriously. The following steps have been taken to ensure that everyone’s use of oodles is responsible and sustainable.
Donations and purchases are through Paypal rather than in-app purchases. There is no direct link to a phone bill or credit card to prevent accidental purchases and large surprise bills.
Although oodles is open to all ages, Paypal enforces a minimum age of 18.
The oodles mobile app has built in warning thresholds that remind the user how much they have donated and asks if they can really afford to continue giving.
Oodles does not sell or share contact information. There are a number of reforms to the fundraising guidelines that charities have to follow, these are due to stories about vulnerable people being bombarded with paper and electronic communications. To protect against this oodles has a blanket policy that no contact information or personal data is provided to charities, and any contact must go through the oodles platform, so that it can be regulated and duly monitored.
In the unlikely event that someone has donated more than they can afford, or has used a payment method that they are not authorised to use, there is a minimum one month delay between purchase of oodles credits and payment to the users chosen charities. This means that the user or rightful payment authoriser can contact oodles and have the payment reversed.
Communication with donors is key to maintaining engagement and giving people a sense of involvement, however if used incorrectly, users can feel bombarded. Therefore all communications will be controlled and regulated by oodles and can be turned off by the users at any time.
The primary method of communication will be via instant push messages direct to devices with the app installed. If a user is logged in to the app (not necessarily with the app open) then the push messages will be targeted and personalised. Oodles will also make use of email communications but these will mostly be transactional, i.e. for purchases, delivery notifications etc.
We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.
If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund.

You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it.

Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it.